Friday, 9 November 2012

Got into my sewing room yesterday and whipped up a stuffed Christmas tree out of some demin from my son's jeans.   It looks more like a Tipi than a tree.

As usual the room felt overcrowded and badly set up.  I was sewing in my own shadow, even with the light on so decided that the sewing desk needed to move near the window, which meant that every piece of furniture in the room needed moving.  My sewing table, chest of drawers, cutting table, 2 other tables and 3 cupboards.  Didn't want to empty anything but after struggling to push the drawers across the room I went to Big W and bought this.

I was surprised that it actually worked, was even able to move the chest of drawers below, with everything haphazardly piled on top.  Single handedly.  Impressed.

This morning there was a market day at the church, I had decided not to get a table, it's not really worth the effort.  Last time I didn't even make the stall cost.  But I did buy raffle tickets, a couple of years ago my daughter won a crochet rug but this time I won first prize.  The quilt below, which just happens to be nade and donated by my mother.  She always makes one for the raffles, about 3 a year.  This year is the first time a family member won one, actually she got 2nd prize but didn't need a crocheted rug so they gave her 3rd prize.  Her ticket was also drawn for 5th prize, she demanded a redraw because she didn't need anything else.  

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