Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Laundry clean up

I love this
It's a free project at Ana, she has so many wonderful projects over there.

I've decided that this is perfect for my laundry, but I am going to cheat and not build anything - yet anyway.  My laundry is one of those "oh you need a laundry in a house, lets add a tiny room with a door at each end and call it one", there's room for the washing machine, a couple of cupboards that the dryer sits on and the sink along one wall.  Our clothes hampers take up valuable floor space opposite.  Doesn't leave much room to get the washing out of the machine, if I had a top loader it would be different but I like my front loader.

What I am going to do is to simply remove the cupboard doors and slide baskets onto the shelves.  Won't look as pretty as the above photo but will do the same job, one day I might get around to building my own.

Mine will hold 4 baskets, already had 2 that fit in the cupboard, bought 2 more today for $16.  They look similar to the ones in the picture, mine have coloured handles. 

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