Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I had almost finished the Lacy Duster, one sleeve to go and tried it on, not happy with it at all.  The pattern is great, the problem was with the yarn.  The feel and look of the cheap acrylic yarn I used wasn't what I wanted, I knew I would not wear it.  Disappointing after all that work, but a lesson learnt.   At least it wasn't an expensive lesson.

Started again, this time again in acrylic, I still wanted an easy care garment that I can wear often.  Using Magnum Soft 8 ply, which is the yarn I made this with.

The pattern was a free one from Lion Brand, was unable to get their yarns locally which is why I used Magnum Soft.  It's a finer ply and the garment made up smaller than stated, made the 6 -7 year size, which fitted my 5 year old niece. 

Debated whether to use Rose or Maroon (which in my opinion is more purple than Maroon).  Did this little trick where I ask myself a question and then note  which way my body leans.  It said no for Rose and yes for Purple Maroon. 

If you'd like to learn the trick it's easy.  Stand straight and still, ask your body to show you yes and notice that you will feel a little pull in one direction - front, back, either side - it's different for everyone.  Then ask it to show you no, again note which way the pull is.  It's bascially using your body as a pendulum and is great when making decisions - even those as mudane as choosing a yarn colour. 

When I was shown this 4 years ago the lady who taught it me told me that she would wait til after I had found my directions, before she told me hers.  Mine were the opposite of hers.  I also passed it on to a Nephew who was debating a major move - to quit his job, move to another state and live with his father.  The pull to no was so strong that it completely unbalanced him and he almost fell over.  Instead of pulling up sticks completely he arranged a 2 week vacation and when he returned he told me that he knew within 3 days that he could never have lived there. 

For me the sensation isn't that strong, there's been times when there has been a definite lean but mostly it feels like gentle movement inside my body - as if there is a small ball right in the centre of my body that moves it's balance in either direction, which can be any combination - sides, front back.  You may even note a diffeent method - twitches for example. 

Here is a shot of the blanket I made for my Mother In Law for Mother's Day.   I love the combination of colours, which are more muted that the photo shows.  The yarn crocheted up nicely and proves the difference in the quality because it's the same brand I wasn't happy with for the Duster. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

While I am still working on the Lacy Duster, only have a few more rows and then the sleeves, I've put it down and have started yet another project. 

I picked up some Zhivago yarn at our local Super IGA, it was only $1.99 per ball.  I'm not sure about the colour changes, my main yarn is purple I also have blue and fushia yarns.  If I do go with the colour changes it will be only around the edge of the bolero section, not the the rest.  

Am using a 5 mm hook and the yarn is crocheting up nicely, it's so soft and smooth.  The only problem I've had is with counting, apparently I can't count.  I'm on my third version of tthe front bodice, this time I kept track with pins and concentration. 

Yesterday I had the car booked in for service at the dealership, they like to have the car in early which meant an early rise.  The dealership is 45 minutes away but you can more than double that during peak hour.  Left home at 7.35 and did go a little out of my way so I could check something at work first, got to the dealer at 9.30.  Usually the latest I drop it off at is 8.30 and it's ready in an hour or two, but being so late, they said it would be ready around 3pm.  Their courtesy bus dropped me close to Bondi, I then walked to and along the beach.  There were only a few brave souls in the water, most wearing full wetsuits.  The sun came out long enough to snap some shots with my phone.
Spent a couple of hours, beach, lunching and shopping before catching a bus, then train and walking back to the dealer.  Was told the car would be 40 minutes more so I crocheted and drank tea in their lounge.  True to their word I was in the car and on my way at 3.39. 

Friday, 18 May 2012


I finished the blanket and we delivered it along with a Lavender Wheat Pack to my Mother In Law on Mother's Day.  I had camera trouble so didn't get a shot of the blanket or the cover for the Wheat Pack.

 Used a white hand towel that had an embroidered Lavender design to make the cover.  Real simple all I did was fold the handtowel in thirds inside out, stitched the sides and turn right side out.  There was no need for closures as the cover envelopes the pack.  I'll make another and add photos when the camera issue is worked out, am hoping it's only the batteries not taking a charge and not the camera itself.   The Lavender Pack I bought but they can be easily made, I wanted to support a local crafter.

My latest more adventurous project is

Lacy Duster by Doris Chan.  It's going quite well, if you don't count a late night meltdown where I was misreading the pattern and getting the count wrong.  Ended up sending a manical rant  request on Ravelry where in plain english it was explained to me and guided on my way.  There will be no more 2 am postings from me, I will put down the crocheting at a more reasonable hour. 

Not being able to get the recommended yarn locally I first googled to find substitutes, 10 ply was the most recommended.  10 ply acrylic is almost non existant over here, so I tried 2 strands of 5 ply but found the resulting crochet looking too chunky and not at all like online photos.  When I tried 8 ply with 5.5mm hook I was pleased but wanted softer so am using 6mm hook.  I had completed to the armhole, the duster body is crocheted from the neck down and with the 5,5 hook the armhole sat a little too high, am almost at that stage with the 6mm, the sizing should be much better. 

This past month I've been going to a  weekly Crochet/Knitting group and a fortnightly Spinning workshop at a local Spiritual Centre.   I had the need for more socialising and this is perfect.  Each is only $5, tea and morning tea included and I've met some wonderful ladies.  This week I dragged my daughter along, who after intially declining to learn crochet asked if she could learn half way through the morning.  The challenge was that she is left handed and I am right but we got through it and now she is happily working on her first Granny Square.  She is quite a loner so the social aspect is going to be so good for her too. 

And the mostest bestest part is that I am actually getting things finished so far I've finished a child's top and the blanket which had been my largest completed project,   I have a tablecloth on the go, it's sat waiting for 18 years to be finished once I work out what hook size I was using it will be pulled out again. 


Thursday, 3 May 2012


Feeling the need to live a healthier lifestyle, get more exercise and to lose weight.

A few weeks ago we recieved a wedding invile and I mentioned to a friend that I would like to lose at least 10 kilos for it.  Well the day is getting closer - June 15 and I've not done much.  I did decide to walk at night, to the nearest corner and back.  No not an ideal situation on about my third lap, a man came around the corner, hovered there for a moment watching me before creepily grinning and heading in my direction.  Needless to say I turned on the spot and bolted for home. No more night walking, it's bad enough when I have to walk from the station at night.

I've done bits and pieces here and there, walking after work when I finish early, the odd dvd but this week I decided that at least half hour a day had to be spent doing some sort of exercising.  So far so good, day one I Walked away the Pounds, 2 mile walk, Day 2 walked to and from the station with 6 flights of stairs at lunch time, Day 4 missed out but Day 5  half hour outside walking, hills included and then half hour on my new exercise bike. 

Where I walked yesterday was at a  new park, that I drive by after work, it has the lovely name of Lizard Log.  The cycle/walking path circles a hill, passing  by wooded, grassland and wetlands.  At the end I stopped at the dam to gaze into the water, much to my disappointment it was murky and filled with bottles, cans and rubbish.  Honestly why do people feel the need to toss rubbish into water?  Or anywhere for that matter.  If I had been able to reach any of the rubbish I would have pulled some out, instead I said a prayer for the water and asked for an energy barrier to stop rubbish being thrown in.  Before that I hadn't noticed any rubbish along the track, I picked up a discarded drink can just afterwards and looked for a bin.  There weren't any until I got the carpark, if there were more near where visitors eat and drink I am sure there would be much lass thrown into the dam.