Saturday, 24 November 2012


I am in shock, wonderful shock, have just been over at Down to Earth and have noticed that Rhonda added me to her Weekend Reading post.  Such an honour.  I've had more page reviews today than ever.  And a comment that's come from someone I don't know.  WOW, Thank you. 

Today I spent time getting to a couple of procrastinated jobs, going through a cupboard and drawers in my kitchen dresser.  A little bit of sorting, rearranging and I've been able to get some homeless kitchen items new homes.  There's a few items going out, can't remember the last time we used the popcorn maker, I actually made popcorn last night in the microwave.

Emptied a badly utilised drawer, it held 3 baking dishes, which now fit into the reorganised cupboard.  The crowded contents of my gift wrap/card drawer are now in the bigger drawer, while the rolls of gift wrap have been moved to the drawer above. 

I found all the little gifts that have been accumulated for use in Christmas Crackers, each year I mean to make them but don't get around to it.  I've decided not to make crackers, going to make little cloth gift bags instead.  The challenge is to use what I've got. 

This year I volunteered to have Christmas Lunch here, my parents will be on a cruise til the 23rd and I didn't want them coming back and going into panic mode to get ready for the tribe. 

It was getting too warm to do much so we all settled down to watch Spyderwick Chronicles, I've not seen it before, I quite enjoyed it.  We sipped Sodastream Cola, sent my husband out in search of a gas refil for our machine, he came home with a new machine.  No one carries the old sized gas bottles anymore.  Could have bought them online but with postage it brings the price up.  Have since discovered that the new bigger gas bottle seems to fit in the old machine.  Going to pass it on to one of my nieces. 

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