Sunday, 18 November 2012

Woke this morning to a glorius day, thought about what I needed to do, what I wanted to do and what had to be done.  Usually it's a bit overwhelming but not today, I feel good today.

First thing, after my shower and the obligatory getting dressed (don't want to scare the neigbours do we?)I put on a load of washing.  For once there was only one load worth in the laundry, there are clothes in the bathrooms and beds for stripping but ever since we got the new machine and tidied the laundry in readiness, that's how it stayed.  Taking those doors off the cupboards to fit the baskets in really worked well.  Even when the baskets aren't there, the shelves hold the dirty laundry well.  It's not just me either, everyone has taken to the machine and are all using it and not letting the clothes pile up.

Last weekend was spent out near Araluen on a garden tour of Jackie French's place, such wonders to be seen, lots learnt and delicious food eaten.  I bought one of her books, A Year In the Valley.  And peaches from a local orchard, we bought 10 kilos for $20 of 'seconds', peaches with tiny marks or imperfections that the supermarkets refuse to take.  $2 a kilo, wow, am used to $5.99 a kilo.  There's now 5 kilos ripening in my kitchen, my friend and I went halvies.

Entering the kitchen this morning it was filled with the aroma of peaches, I tested one for breakfast, not quite fully ripe.  The juice from the ripe bits, dripped down onto my chest as I bit, into the sweet, sticky flesh, delicious, can't wait til they are fully ripe.  Must get some jars for jam.

While I ate, I read Jackie's book which is basically her diary from a few years back, interpersed with recipes.  As soon as I tasted her Lime Cordial on Saturday and bought the book I hoped that the recipe would be in there, just now I picked up the book and it fell open right at that recipe.   Speaking of which Jackie told us to all take a lemon and lime from the garden to use the seeds for our own trees.

Was sitting out in the sun, reading, listening to the sound of the birds, the magpies, native doves and others unseen and nameless.  I love the sound of magpies, don't usually hear them here, I always thought of them as country birds, bushland, I loved visiting the country just to hear them.  The sound of our newest neigbour digging his vegie patch next door, it's almost been a year since he moved in, boy time is going quickly.  Jackie's book has inspired me to write, had thought about paper and pen, but the heat of the sun was getting a bit much on my skin, so I came in and now sit squinting at the computer screen as I write these words.  It doesn't matter if no one reads them, or if they don't make a best seller, it feels good to get my words out. 

For now I am off to put the washing out and strip my bed. 

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