Saturday, 13 October 2012

Alpine Strawberries.

I got around to cutting down the weeds today, and here is my reward. 

The Alpine Strawberries are much smaller than commercial varieties, they are closer to the wild varieties, small but full of flavour.  I only trialled 2 plants so probably won't be flush with masses of Strawberries, every few days I pick 2 or 3 ripe berries.  They don't last long.  The count so far is about 9, but the plants are flowering very well.  I read somewhere that you really need around 50 plants if you plan on making jams.

We went to Bunnings today, I needed to get the fixings for my new no dig garden beds.  I got Pea straw mulch, cow manure and compost.  Looking forward to working on the beds tomorrow today  -   it's almost 2 am here.  

They had a new range of Incredible Edibles in stock,  alot I had never seen before.  Decided to choose one out of the 3 that I wanted most.  It was a choice of Guava, Stevia and Pepino.  I chose the Pepino mainly for curiousity. 

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