Friday, 19 October 2012

Junk Drawer Challenge

Rhonda Jean over at Down to Earth issued a junk drawer challenge recently, I decided to take up her challenge.

Starting with my cutlery drawer, which has 2 layers to it but I forgot to take a pic of the bottom layer.  
Then the second drawer down
Oh and my sharps drawer. 

I bought a new cutlery tray to replace the 3 loose trays in cutlery drawer,  No longer do I have to fossick through the spoon tray for the right spoon, I have my favourites.  I have 2 different sets of cutlery, which fit in the tray nicely, all of the odd designs are out now.  Except for the teaspoons, I counted around 40 of those, how on earth did I get 40?   Again I've neglected to take a pic of the second layer - maybe later.  The reason there are 2 layers is that the drawer is quite deep and the original cutlery tray was not, I just thought it was a waste of space.  To get to the lower level I just need to lift the top tray out.
*Update, The teaspoon mystery has been solved.  I mentioned it to my husband when he got home from soccer tonight.  Apparently his brother takes his own cup and teaspoon to soccer and always leaves the teaspoon behind which ends up being brought home with the dirty BBQ utensils.  We probably acquired another one tonight. 

The trays are now being put to use the next drawer down.

Last but not least, why yes it does look exactly the same because I didn't do it. 

I had planned to sort my drawers before seeing the challenge, my daughter and I took a trip to Ikea on Wednesday to find trays for the drawers, they didn't have the one I wanted for the sharps drawer and I didn't see any I liked for the cutlery drawer.  I picked up one today from Potts Avenue and am still looking for the right one for the sharps.

Still have 2 other drawers in the kitchen to sort, they are the next on my list.  As well as all the drawers in the kitchen dresser, all 12 of them.  Oh and the 4 in the dining room dresser.  I had no idea I had so many drawers. 

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