Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I had almost finished the Lacy Duster, one sleeve to go and tried it on, not happy with it at all.  The pattern is great, the problem was with the yarn.  The feel and look of the cheap acrylic yarn I used wasn't what I wanted, I knew I would not wear it.  Disappointing after all that work, but a lesson learnt.   At least it wasn't an expensive lesson.

Started again, this time again in acrylic, I still wanted an easy care garment that I can wear often.  Using Magnum Soft 8 ply, which is the yarn I made this with.

The pattern was a free one from Lion Brand, was unable to get their yarns locally which is why I used Magnum Soft.  It's a finer ply and the garment made up smaller than stated, made the 6 -7 year size, which fitted my 5 year old niece. 

Debated whether to use Rose or Maroon (which in my opinion is more purple than Maroon).  Did this little trick where I ask myself a question and then note  which way my body leans.  It said no for Rose and yes for Purple Maroon. 

If you'd like to learn the trick it's easy.  Stand straight and still, ask your body to show you yes and notice that you will feel a little pull in one direction - front, back, either side - it's different for everyone.  Then ask it to show you no, again note which way the pull is.  It's bascially using your body as a pendulum and is great when making decisions - even those as mudane as choosing a yarn colour. 

When I was shown this 4 years ago the lady who taught it me told me that she would wait til after I had found my directions, before she told me hers.  Mine were the opposite of hers.  I also passed it on to a Nephew who was debating a major move - to quit his job, move to another state and live with his father.  The pull to no was so strong that it completely unbalanced him and he almost fell over.  Instead of pulling up sticks completely he arranged a 2 week vacation and when he returned he told me that he knew within 3 days that he could never have lived there. 

For me the sensation isn't that strong, there's been times when there has been a definite lean but mostly it feels like gentle movement inside my body - as if there is a small ball right in the centre of my body that moves it's balance in either direction, which can be any combination - sides, front back.  You may even note a diffeent method - twitches for example. 

Here is a shot of the blanket I made for my Mother In Law for Mother's Day.   I love the combination of colours, which are more muted that the photo shows.  The yarn crocheted up nicely and proves the difference in the quality because it's the same brand I wasn't happy with for the Duster. 

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