Thursday, 3 May 2012


Feeling the need to live a healthier lifestyle, get more exercise and to lose weight.

A few weeks ago we recieved a wedding invile and I mentioned to a friend that I would like to lose at least 10 kilos for it.  Well the day is getting closer - June 15 and I've not done much.  I did decide to walk at night, to the nearest corner and back.  No not an ideal situation on about my third lap, a man came around the corner, hovered there for a moment watching me before creepily grinning and heading in my direction.  Needless to say I turned on the spot and bolted for home. No more night walking, it's bad enough when I have to walk from the station at night.

I've done bits and pieces here and there, walking after work when I finish early, the odd dvd but this week I decided that at least half hour a day had to be spent doing some sort of exercising.  So far so good, day one I Walked away the Pounds, 2 mile walk, Day 2 walked to and from the station with 6 flights of stairs at lunch time, Day 4 missed out but Day 5  half hour outside walking, hills included and then half hour on my new exercise bike. 

Where I walked yesterday was at a  new park, that I drive by after work, it has the lovely name of Lizard Log.  The cycle/walking path circles a hill, passing  by wooded, grassland and wetlands.  At the end I stopped at the dam to gaze into the water, much to my disappointment it was murky and filled with bottles, cans and rubbish.  Honestly why do people feel the need to toss rubbish into water?  Or anywhere for that matter.  If I had been able to reach any of the rubbish I would have pulled some out, instead I said a prayer for the water and asked for an energy barrier to stop rubbish being thrown in.  Before that I hadn't noticed any rubbish along the track, I picked up a discarded drink can just afterwards and looked for a bin.  There weren't any until I got the carpark, if there were more near where visitors eat and drink I am sure there would be much lass thrown into the dam. 

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