Thursday, 7 June 2012

Am just a couple of rows away from finishing the Duster, I knew I was going to run out of yarn when I got to the last ball.  Left the last few rows on the body and moved onto the sleeves, hoping that the sleeves would take less than one ball.  Sent emails to stores looking for the right dyelot and got 3 answers back, the closest being 30 minutes away, I had been planning to head to Mittagong until that answer came in.  Picked up the extra ball today, making a total of 8 balls.  I didn't want to have to adjust the length and the sleeves have taken more than one ball. 

I'll finish the Duster tomorrow, too tired now.  I had been hoping to have it done by today to show it off at Crochet group, even still everyone was impressed and a few asked for the website.

I may wear it to a wedding Friday week, I had planned to make a dress but time is running out and I was asked to cover for the boss this week and next week, he has Jury Duty and then for a family bereavement.  Couldn't refuse, it's only a couple of extra days I still have Wednesday and Friday off.

 I looked through my wardrobe, there are a couple of dresses I could wear in there, one a simple black dress I wore to a niece's wedding.  I had added a silver and black shawl, used the same fabric to embellish the bodice.  If I go with the silver and black, am thinking of  wearing the shawl backwards with a twist and draping in the front for more emphasis.  If I go with the duster, will need to find beads/gems to match the colour and add that to the bodice.  Can't forget a zingy blingy necklace either.

It's been cold here and wet too.  Just 2 days ago I was wearing a short sleeved tshirt wondering where winter was, now I know. 

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