Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mother's Day Crafting

With Mother's Day fast approaching I was wondering what gifts to give our Mums.

Was over at the In Law's place the other day and noticed how cold their house is, it's not even winter yet.  MIL hasn't been well this year and had her dressing gown on with the heater on already.  Even with the cool breeze outside it was warmer outside than it was in.  Like I said it's not even Winter yet.

Decided that this year's gifts will be warming and have started on a crocheted  zigzag blanket for her.  It's turning out bigger than expected, which is what happens when using different yarn to the pattern.  The pattern is out of Simply Knitting magazine issue 82, the only change made apart from the colour is after the first 2 colours I changed the stitch in the "valley'.  Instead of using the popcorn stitch I just went with standard 3 trebles, only because I got fed up with having to go back and fix mistakes.

The yarn used is Moda Vera Marvel in 6 different colours, battery went flat before I could get shots of the colours.  I had chosen a seventh colour but it looked very much out of place.

Will also be adding other items like heat pads to add to the warmth, perhaps some teas as well.

So far for my Mum I have a Teacup planter that I am going to plant up with herbs for tea.  Still deciding what else.

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  1. what a lovely idea Cheryl.
    thankyou for telling me about your new blog.. I will add it now to my own blog list xo