Monday, 2 July 2012

Rhonda's Muffins

Decided to make bread tonight and headed to the computer to look up the recipe from Down to Earth Blog, then remembered that Rhonda included it in her book.

  I cheated a little and started the bread in the machine while I prepared dinner.  The page flipped over to her Basic Muffin recipe, oooh muffins I thought and set to making a batch for after dinner plus snacks for tomorrow.   Chopped a couple of bananas and added them to the mix, searched the pantry for the chocolate bits I knew I had in there, my daughter informed that my son had eaten it.  So banana muffins it was. 

Delicious Banana Muffins
The empty hole was from my son, he had just finished his last mouthful of dinner and couldn't wait.  He's already scoffed down his second too.  I reminded him there were only 3 each so he should make them last, he agreed to having his third for breakfast - if he can last that long.  He's a growning lad, already as tall as his Dad. 

I really liked the way the banana pieces were hot and mushy, usually I make them with mashed bananas but the chunks were a really nice change.  It would have been extra awesome with chunks of melted chocolate too.  Next time.

Spent time out in the yard today, it's been really neglected and I've been wanting to make some changes, such as adding a nice meditation corner and extra vegie beds.  Started with setting up a metal raised garden bed I had bought from Aldi last year,  Had already started a no-dig garden in one and have been harvesting lettuce, broccoli and have noticed my brussel sprouts are sprouting.  MMM can't wait.  The new bed has been set up in a sunnier spot, newspaper has been put down to smother the grass

Needed to add cardboard up the sides because the ground slopes and the sides needed to be built up.  It will help stop the layers from escaping.  Later will be surrounding the planter with gravel or similar.

Freshly mown grass clippins along with a little cow have been added to start composting in the  bed .

I'll leave it to heat up and give it a couple of weeks with regular turnings to get going before adding the extra layers. I am hoping Aldi bring back the beds this year, I'd like 2 or 3 more.

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