Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Went to my Crochet/Knitting circle today, am still loving it and am getting things done and finished.  One project has gotten the better of me again, a few years back I started a cardigan in Cleckheaton 100% and pulled it out last week to try to get it going again.  It is not going well, I've knitted and frogged constantly this week, Right now there is a tangled mess of yarn on the couch taunting me. 

What did I do?  Went out to buy more yarn of course and fabric too. 

I took a step today that I've been thinking about for a while, I asked about having a stall at the place the crochet circle is at.  They have either permanent (Tuesday to Saturday) or casual stalls (Saturday only),  the cost of the permanent stall works out to be $20 per day but I do have to arrange my own liability insurance.  The only other cost would be if I wanted use of the electricity, they charge $5 per week extra. 

Really am thinking about it, is going to be a lot of work, I'd like to mainly have handmade items - clothing, bags etc.  Mum and Dad said they'd be interested in putting things in too, Mum does patchwork and Dad paints. 

Won't be giving up my job, not yet anyway, am hoping that my daughter will man it days I can't and Mum said she'd help out too.  We don't even need to be there all the time either, the stall holders all help each other out. 

I also asked at a consignment store at Glenbrook about selling items through them, they need items to go through their boardmembers before the ok is given.  It's also an option that I could do with or without running the stall. 

I do need to look into the legalities, insurance and tax are a high priority, whether I need a business name or not.  There's a lot to think about. 

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