Saturday, 9 June 2012

Stitch Markers and Down to Earth Book

Last week I bought Simply Knitting magazine and it came with free stitch markers, I liked them so much that I wanted more than the 6 provided so out came my beading supplies. 

Beads and charms on pins and add large jump rings.
And Voila!

They came in handy when casting on knitting, put them every 20 stitches, made counting so much easier.  Even for counting rows.  Can add them to the ends of the needle to represent each row needed.  I simply removed one at the end of each knitted row.  I am terrible at counting rows, I think it's what takes me the longest, having the danglys on the needle helped me.  Though my husband said it made for noisier knitting,

The book I used as background is Down to Earth, written by Rhonda Herzel.  I've been reading her blog for years and she always writes the most wonderful posts about living simply.  Whenever I want to look something up, such as bread making, Down to Earth is my first choice.   I found my copy at The ABC Shop.

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