Monday, 23 July 2012


How do you thank someone who isn't there?

Yesterday I bought a heater and put it on before reading the operating instructions, I hadn't realised that it needed legs attached.  Then I stupidly left the room.  A few minutes later I heard what sounded to be a male voice in the house, my daughter and I were home alone, husband and son were due later.  The voice sounded like it came from the front of the house so I went to check if they were early and to check on the heater.  They weren't home so I knew it had to be something about the heater, turned it off, unplugged it and carried it out with me.  Then checked the carton for the instructions, that's when I realised that it needed legs and should not have been sitting on carpet without them. 

Realised who the voice was, our Family Guardian, I call him Uncle Harry - after my Dad's Great Uncle who died as a POW.   He's been with us for as long as I can remember, I remember waking to see a figure watching over us as we slept, I saw him as a shadow, my sister woke many nights to see a Soldier in uniform standing vigil outside her door. 

Not all Ghost stories are frightening.

 He has done much to protect us over the years, if there is something wrong in the house he will wake me, mostly by shaking the bed.  My husband thinks I'm crazy but one night he woke me to ask why I was shaking the bed, I jumped up to check what was wrong and found the laundry door wide open.  He doesn't like us leaving doors or windows open at night.  Especially that night, we found the neigbours had a home invasion that night. 

I know he is with me right now, the top of my head is being touched,  I want to let him know that I love him, he says he knows.  Tearing up right now,  my gratitude and love go out to the Universe. 

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