Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Craft - Wine Glass Candle stand and Cardboard Candles.

Today had my Christmas Craft party for my Great Nieces and Nephews.  Usually I get a few cheap craft kits in the after Christmas sales, we also do one "big" craft.  Last year it was sock snowmen, this year it was wine glass candle stands.

 These are made with plastic wine glasses, lighted trees, cardboard candles and battery tealights.

Use the rim of the wine glass to trace a circle onto firm card, I used a shoe box lid and cut out the disc.  Then cut a hole that is smaller than the base of the tree, but big enough that the on/off switch is accessible.

I used the square punch pictured above.

Hot glue the tree to the disc.

Wrap cellophane shred around the base of the tree, the base can be covered with a decorative paper.  I've just left it plain in the photo because I'm not actually putting this together.  This is just a dry run.

 I ran hot glue around the rim of the glass and then glued it to the disc.  Don't worry about the escaping cellophane, after the glue has cooled it just gets trimmed off.

At this stage a ribbon can be glued around the base and a bow added to hide any glue.

It's now ready to have a candle added.  If the wine glass is actually made from glass a real candle can be used.  Just remember to fix it well to the flat glass base  top and keep it out of reach of little hands.  Mine is plastic and not suitable for a real candle so we made candles out of rolled up card stock.

Cardboard Candles

Had thought about using toilet rolls but didn't think some of my nieces would think it hygienic and also the rolls ranged in size, some were too big and some too small to fit the battery tea light into. We cut a strip from A4 paper to the size we thought the candle should be - can be taller or shorter it doesn't matter.  We found that double sided tape wasn't always strong enough to hold the roll, hot glue worked well but also adding sticky tape around the top stabilised it.

Glitter paper is cut to mimic dripping wax and glued around the top, it also hides the sticky tape if used.    Hot glue can also be used to imitate dripping wax but I decided that paper would be  easier  for the kids to do.  The completed candle is then glued to the bottom of the glass top of the candle stand. 

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