Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mother Nature Costume accessories

The regular postings didn't last very long.

I scrapped the knitting, decided to crochet a vest - not gotten far on that.  Actually haven't done much in the way of crafting or sewing.

Until today  yesterday.

Tomorrow Today is Fairy and Fantasy Day at the centre I attend, it's the 5th year.  I decided not to make a whole new costume, I would use one I made 3 years ago and just update the accessories. I am going as Mother Nature.

 New headdress, the flowers are the only thing I bought new this year.  They are glued onto a headband I already had.  They cost the princely sum of $4.50.

Had planned on bringing an empty cardboard roll from work to make a staff with, but forgot to pick it up yesterday.  So today I asked the Angels for assistance in finding the perfect staff at our local reserve.  When I got there I got a message to "go over the bridge", there's a creek in the reserve so I drove to the crossing and found it flooded.  Then realised they didn't say cross at the weir, there's a walking bridge.  I then got told to go right, I turned left and was told to go my "other right".  Then I headed too far to the right and was told that too.  Basically got told which direction it was in and was heading to a grove of trees which was in the direction I was told, then was directed to skirt around to the back of the grove.  There it was just laying in reach, right where they said it would be.  I had asked for a particular thickness and wanted a handhold. It's perfect.   I was so happy and full of Gratitude. We just had to shorten it. 

The above sounds crazy right?  It's all true, I promise. 

I used my Ozito tool (similar to Dremel) to make a concave to hold a "crystal ball".  Which is made from two glass paperweights that I glued together for a costume two years ago.  Husband drilled holes to run twine through, I hot glued the ball in place - not successfully but finally held enough for me to tie the twine.  Then using hot glue I wrapped the garland around the staff.

I have plans to make another one, just waiting for the perfect branch.  This will have a genuine crystal ball in it, Amethyst or maybe a blue crystal ball.  Hoping that both come my way before Christmas as I am thinking of gifting it to my friend and mentor.

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