Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

I'm an infrequent blogger, can't promise I will change, will try to make an effort.

Last year was an ok year, so many of my friends said it was a bugger of a year and are glad it's over.  Yes it had it's ups and downs but I am glad for the experience, knowing that I could overcome what was put in front of me.  Lessons learned are valuable.

My brother has had a couple of surgeries, some think just run of the mill surgery, I wanted to throttle a woman who told me that a knee replacement is a piece of cake.  But I had to remind myself that she has no idea of the physical difficulties my brother has and it would look bad throttling a 90 year old, no matter  how opinionated she is.

Brother's first surgery was to remove a plate put on his thigh to straighten his legs when he was a teen, they wanted the bones to heal before they did the knee replacement.  They found that he is allergic to one of the post op medications, full blown hallucinations and psychotic episode.  All he remembers was that he flashed back to the surgery when he was 13 and that all he wanted was Mum.  The knee replacement was in August and was the Surgeons "worst ever", he was happy with the result though.  It's taken the burning out of his knee but his hip is making it impossible for him to walk, he's not walked since before the operation.  The plan was to do both knees, then do both hips but it's the hip that is preventing him from walking, so he's getting his hip replaced next week.

Anyway back on the homefront, I've spent time since New Year in an attempt to clean and organise this place.  It's going to be an ongoing project, so far I've tossed the old tatty curtains from our back room, cleaned the room and removed a tub chair that I've not gotten around to recovering.  The room looks nicer without so much furniture in it and I rewarded myself with a plant.

Also started on the dining room, my collection of Arnott's tins have been washed, I had thought about clearing them out but do like them.  And if google is right, there's some value in them.

Also completed a quick craft project today, my second attempt at Macrame.   An unevenly knotted A RUSTIC jar hanger,  complete with battery tealight and a handful of gemstones.  

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