Saturday, 22 March 2014

As usual it's been ages since I last posted here, hoping that it's going to change as thanks to my son I now have a computer in my sewing room.  Actually it started with my Father In Law getting a new computer and asking us if we could use it.  Then I asked son if instead of an old very slow tower taking up space if I could use his old school notebook, he just connected a full size monitor to it, I can barely read a notebook screen and a full size keyboard.  Here I am on the first day, I no longer have to wait my turn, or get kicked off husband's computer.

I have been busy since my last post, not just with craft but I actually have a SOCIAL life.  Last year I made a ton of new friends at a local Spiritual Centre and my life has been full.   I go there for Crochet Circle, Spiritual Circle and Psychic Development on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as call in on other days just because.  It's not only there, the social life has extended to other pursuits, Ghost Hunts, parties.  Tomorrow I am meeting up with a friend to visit a nearby historical village site and next weekend we are heading out into the countryside for a weekend away/ghost hunt.  It's going to be fun.
I have been busy with crafting, before Christmas a couple of friends and I held a market stall, I made Dream Pillows, scented with a Herbal mixture to promote peaceful sleep and wonderful dreams.  

The last few weeks I have been madly making Jewellery pouches, 

I needed something to carry my crystals in so they didn't get banged around and scratched.  My beautiful Amethyst point sits nicely in the centre section.  Of course the bags can be used for jewellery.
My friends love them and have asked if I could make some for them as well, the turquiose one in the top picture has since been given to one for her birthday.  The pattern is available for free from The Crochet Dude.  Tonight is actually the first time I visited the site, my daughter originally found it and printed it out for me.  From what I've seen over there definitely going to keep the site in my favourites.  The cream bag is made from the new Lincraft 4ply cotton and has crocheted up lovely and soft, while the Turquoise is Moda Vera Gelato, Acrylic/Cotton Blend, again a lovely yarn.

I recently bought Knitting in Tuscany by Nicky Epstein.  The beautiful crocheted Bella Bride's Dress is the pattern that sold me on the book.  I've decided that I am going to make it as a shorter dress or top for my daught in a Mint green.  I am trialling it in fingering weight yarn, but have noticed the measurements do not what the book says, I am going to have to add extra motifs or go up a size in hooks.  Right now I am using a 3.5mm steel hook.  Will test another hook later on, but right now it's time for bed.

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