Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Costume.

It's been so long since my last post, for a while was feeling creatively blocked.  My son also took over my sewing room for his HSC studies.  He did his last exam on Monday, no longer have any school children in this house.  He sent his first job application today.  He's thinking of deferring University for a year, wants to get some savings behind him first.

Halloween today, it's becoming more popular in Australia and for the second year I've been to a Halloween event and was able to dress up.  Always wanted to go to a dress up party when I was a kid. 

As usual I left my costume to the last moment, drove home after Circle last night thinking about what I was going to wear.  I had a black dress I almost got rid of and had thought of going as a witch by adding a black cape.  Was going to rush out this morning to find black fabric but while laying in bed this morning remembered some purple crushed Panne Velvet that's been in my stash for a few years.  I found a fantastic Hooded Cape at Fleece Fun.     So easy to run up - even in pretentious velvet :), much too hot for fleece here.pretentious velvet :), much too hot for fleece here.   Almost had to rush out to buy thread because all of my purple threads looked blue against the fabric, finally found a maroonish one that looked ok.  Even had a cheap brooch in with my collection of things to put into Christmas Crackers, I'll get around to that one day. 

The hood is a long one, a bit hard to see in this shot but the gold tassel is at the end of the hood.  

I didn't bother hemming the edges of the cape, just did the edge of the hood as the fabric rolled annoyingly.

Was very happy with the final result, only took around an hour to make.   I was helping out as a time keeper for psychic readings,, scared a couple of people as they came upstairs to find me at the top in the dark.  

It's not the first pattern I've made from Fleece Fun,  Made the  Long Cape  last winter to wear on a cold, wet Ghosthunt with friends, made it in a scrummingly warm grey Coral Fleece.  Scared the crap out of one of my friends as she noticed a hooded figure walking around the back of a Church graveyard before she realised it was me.

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