Friday, 1 February 2013

It's been so long since I've posted here, Christmas come and gone, a whole new year.  Christmas wasn't fantastic for me, was sick with a bug  over it.  At least was well for New Year, as boring as it was.

Have never really liked the week between Christmas and New Year, but then January kicks in and is horrible too.  So glad it's over, hot horrible January, hottest on record or was it hottest since the 1930's?  I can be grateful though that the terrible bushfires and floodings that so many endured have not affected my family.

Not much crafting has been done, I did make some gift bags for work colleagues.

Did finally finish the knitting part of a cardigan, took me weeks and weeks to do.  Now I have to find one of the fronts so I can stitch it together.

Gone back to crocheting, so much qucker to do.  A pattern from a magazine, 100% Bamboo yarn and the wrong size hook, I think I'm doing well.  No idea if or who the finally product will fit, the pattern only has 2 sizes, decided simply by the hook size.  3.5 or 4 mm, I picked up the 4.5 by accident and when I noticed after a few rows was not going to undo it.  Don't even know if I have the right amount of yarn, this has been in my stash for about 3 years. 

So glad it's February, happy February.  4 more weeks of Summer then the lovely cool weather will be back

I shouldn't dislike January so much, it's my birthday month. 

Also bought a new fridge, our old fridge has been barely hanging on for the past couple of years, there's been times we thought it was dead but it struggled back to life.  Had to put up with freezing stuff that shouldn't be frozen, defrosting stuff that should be.  The last couple of weeks it's incontinence became an issue, there was always a towel on the kitchen floor soaking up leaked water.

Anyway the new one arrived yesterday and in true January style was the wrong one, right model, wrong colour.  I don't like stainless steel, we ordered white.  Stainless steel arrived, I assumed that Dh had got that colour because it was the only one available, seeing as we got it from a Seconds wharehouse.  He called the store, they have offered to get it returned if we aren't happy.  It wasn't their fault, because the manufacturer had labelled the box as white.  We just need to confirm tomorrow.  I was hoping it would grow on me, nope still don't like stainless steel.   I am happy with it's performance, it's so quiet and things cool and freeze where they should. 

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