Saturday, 29 September 2012

From scarf to top.

 I couldn't get to sleep last night, had to listen to 'I can make you sleep' hypnosis cd twice.  The reason I couldn't sleep was because I had just finsihed making a top I really was pleased with.

From an $8 Kmart scarf.  Had gone to Kmart earlier in the evening with the view to buy some cheap tshirts for reconstruction and found this pretty muslin scarf.

It was too long to make a top so I folded it in half and stitched aross to make shoulder seams. used a tshirt to mark and cut the scooped neckline out.

The neckline is bound with strips of the same fabric.  I actually used glue (couldn't find the fray stop) to stablise the neckline and stop it fraying while working on it. Just painted it on the very edge and let it dry.  The neckbinding was stabilised with iron-on hemming tape, folded in half and one edge machine stitched on, the other I hand stitched.  I cut the binding on the straight, next time I'll do it on the bias as it gapes a little.  The sides were stitched straigh down the selvage edge of the scarf.

Was worried about fit, but it fits perfectly and is going to be a perfect top to wear on hot summer days, now on the look out for more pretty scarves. 

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  1. Chez, this is gorgeous. I found your pin on Pinterest and this is one beautiful top. Well done.