Friday, 17 August 2012

Dying Yarn

Last week I bought a bag full of discounted yarn it and thought I'd try dying it before knitting something. Had thought about natural dyes but then decided to use one of the Rit dyes we sell at work to gain some product knowledge.
 Original Colour, dry thread, 100% cotton
 Dye Bath, Rit Dye Kelly Green

Final Colour, Wet

 There was one thing I didn't take into account, Dyelots.  As I was rinsing the thread I noticed colour variations, not quite as obvious as the above photo, but they are there.  The yarn I bought was on clearance and would have contained the oddments they had left, didn't occur to me until too late.  

They are now drying outside in a shady area, I am hoping the colour will dry lighter and more subtle.  

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